Orthopaedic Sensory Mat


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What is a Sensory Mat?

A sensory mat is a soft, padded surface designed to provide tactile and sensory stimulation. It typically consists of various textures, patterns, and materials that engage the senses and promote sensory exploration. Sensory mats can be used for therapeutic purposes, sensory integration activities, or simply as a tool for sensory play.

These mats often feature different tactile elements such as bumps, ridges, fabrics with varying textures, or objects embedded within the mat, such as buttons or beads. They can also incorporate visual elements like bright colours, contrasting patterns, or images that stimulate visual perception.

About this item

Indulge in all-day foot and hand massages on our versatile sensory mat. Ideal for indoor, outdoor, and classroom enjoyment. It doubles as an exercise mat and foot massager, designed with unique patterns. Children’s playtime becomes productive with endless fun and multiple captivating designs, ensuring hours of engaging play.

Unlock a range of benefits with our sensory mat, including enhanced blood circulation, vestibular system development, reduction of leg and foot swelling, correction of flat feet, and strengthened muscles and ligaments. It’s not just a toy; it fosters creative and developmental stimulation, making it a must-have.

Experience practicality at its best with the orthopaedic sensory mat. Their durable material structure ensures they maintain their original shape without any shrinkage or flooring deformation during activities. Plus, they are easily cleaned and have a non-slip surface, making them suitable for various types of floors. Enjoy the convenience of using them on multiple floor surfaces.

Discover the uniqueness of these play mats designed specifically for toddlers and children. With a puzzle-like structure, these mats offer a fun and interactive experience. Vibrant colors, diverse textures, and imaginative designs come together in this set. Each tile massage mat boasts originality, allowing you to unleash your creativity and build your own personalised play area. Let your imagination run wild with our one-of-a-kind tile mats.


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