Hi, I’m Annabel, the founder of BusyBoards London! I live in London with my two little girls, Willow and Harper, and my husband Jonathan. My background is in Early Years education, and my 15+ years of experience have shown me the crucial role that playing and exploration play in building the foundations for successful learning. Back in 2019, with that in mind and an idea forming in my head, I started to get Busy.

Busy Boards London creates custom education activity boards that are tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of each user. These boards are increasingly popular among children and adults with additional needs, such as Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sight Loss, Dyspraxia, and Global Developmental Delay. Furthermore, Busy Boards London has designed boards that can help individuals recover from strokes by strengthening one side of the body. Busy boards can also provide comfort and assistance to those suffering from dementia.

Skills include:

Hand-eye coordination

Communication and language skills

Problem solving

Sensory development

Mathematical development

Physical development

Logic and open ended thinking

Desire for exploration

Memory skills

Fine and gross motor skills

Concentration and perseverance

Meet the Team

Jonathan is Mr Busy Boards. He’s in charge of the website, building the activity boards, packaging and boxing and generally my rock and the person who keeps me going.

Julia is one of my oldest, closest and funniest friends and I love that she has come to join our little team. She is usually the one who will respond to your enquires, help with accounts and arrange shipping.

My Mother in Law Arlene is a grandmaster with a sewing machine and hand makes every felt pocket.

My Mum,  Susie, helps with organising, preparing and quality checking stock, sanding boards and keeping me sane!

And then there’s me… A perfectionist and worrier! I design, build and create everything you see. I order stock, do general admin, respond to enquiries and the face behind all social media.