Safety Standards and Precautions for Busy Boards London 

At the heart of Busy Boards London is safety, inclusion and education. Every busy board is unique and built specifically for the intended user, but these differences mean each board cannot have a CE mark.

In order to obtain a CE mark on the product, each busy board would need to be identical in every way,  therefore not bespoke or tailor-made to the individual needs of the user.

Many components used have their own CE mark, but others, such as locks, wheels, zips, and pots, do not, as they are not generally intended for use on a busy board. Additionally, all products undergo stringent internal safety testing.

Busy Boards London are educational activities boards that are not considered toys.

Busy Boards should be used when laid flat on the ground or fixed onto a stand.

Responsible adult supervision is always advised with all Busy Boards London learning and exploration.

Busy Boards London are not suitable for use in a car.